Hello, have you met my anxiety?

The Short Guide to my Anxiety

So, since anxiety and mental health is a very heavy subject I will try to keep it light as much as possible.

So, let’s meet my anxiety, 

how long have I had it? no clue :) 

knowing when it started would have helped to know what sparked it. 

But if I studied mental health (which I did not) and I was aware of everything that has happened to me and their effect on my brain (which I did not),

I would have said it was all of it. 

well, without further a due, this is my anxiety:

Has No Manner

It does not introduce itself. I mean how rude!

It hits you out of nowhere sometimes, it has no one pattern, so you can not predict it. 

One day it is work stress and unplanned surprises, other times it is only a movie. 

Heavy As A Rock

It lets you carry it around, and it is heavy as a rock, sometimes you would be out of breath and feel little pain in your chest, and your nerves are stretched over a mile!

Such A Drama Queen

I mean one idea can turn it into death hazards, the many possibility of one thing going wrong can push you into an anxiety attack. it feeds over the thoughts you have. 

A Witch

it cast a spell over you, a nasty one, where you will live in fear all the times, as if something horrible happened or will happen even though none of that is true.

Has Superpowers  

It makes feel other people’s feelings! not all feelings only the negative ones, fear, sadness, despair you know “the good stuff”, and for you it is 10X more because it has a glitch in its superpowers.

So don’t be surprised if you might noticed that the person affected is over it and happy and life is good.

But you still dwelling on it. 

A Ghost 

You will have good days where you are happy and content,

but you can feel it presence..


over your shoulder..

waiting for you to slip..

Spooky huh?

Carries Cuffs

Well, when it finally gets you, it cuffs your hand leaving you out of control with no power over what you feel and how to shake it away.

you are under its mercy!