The Coach is Confident of at Least 10 Wins... SSG Dugger “Various Pitches and Fighting Spirit are Strengths”

Already 150 km/h... Dugger: “I started consistently last year and my speed increased.”

When asked about new foreign pitcher Robert Dugger (28), SSG Landers coach Lee Soong-yong (52) said, "I would like to give him 100 points in both personality and skills," and added, "Dugger is a pitcher who can easily achieve more than 10 wins if he stays healthy." He answered.

Dugger met with reporters after arriving at Incheon International Airport after completing spring camp on the 7th and responded, "There were coaches who mentioned 20 wins as a topic," and "I want to achieve 10 or more wins as the coach expects."

In the spring camp evaluation game, Dugger already raised SSG's expectations by throwing a fast ball exceeding 150 km per hour. 파워볼게임

Dugger's average fastball speed in 2022, as measured by baseball analysis site Brooks Baseball, was 89.81 miles per hour (approximately 144.5 km).

However, in 2023, his average speed rose to 91.66 miles per hour (about 147.5 km).

Dugger said, “Consistent starting pitches last year helped improve velocity,” and “As the spacing between pitches became more consistent, velocity also increased.”

Dugger's major league career in American professional baseball is not flashy, with a total of 27 games (13 starts), 7 losses, and an ERA of 7.17.

However, he continued to pitch as a starter in the minor leagues.

Dugger's career minor league records are 154 games (127 as a starter), 39 wins, 42 losses, 4 saves, and an ERA of 4.21.

In 2023, he didn't have much success with 7 wins and 10 losses, but he ranked first in the Triple-A Pacific League in earned run average (4.31) and strikeouts (143).

SSG said, “Robert Dugger has abundant starting experience and stable game management ability,” and evaluated, “He is a complete starting pitcher with no major weaknesses.”

Dugger early on in spring training raised his fastball velocity to 150 km/h and also showed off a ‘deception move’ to hide the ball.

He is also good at using a curveball, slider, and changeup.

He introduced himself as "My career is to mix balls with various pitches," and "I have a fighting spirit on the mound.

At the same time, I maintain my composure well."

Adapting to the new league is easy thanks to hitter Guillermo Heredia and pitcher Roenis Elias, who renewed their contracts after playing for SSG last year.

Dugger said, "Heredia and Elias recommended restaurants worth going to in Songdo.

I'm looking forward to experiencing Korean culture and food soon."

Elias also gave me advice on what to watch out for when dealing with KBO hitters.

Korean hitters hit after two strikes.

“He hits the ball well.

I will study more.”

Last year, the SSG Landers starting lineup had the lowest ERA (4.53) among the 10 professional baseball teams.

The biggest cause was the injury of a foreign pitcher.

Eni Romero was released without pitching a single game due to shoulder pain, and Kirk McCarty, who played the role of ace, played only 130 innings due to frequent injuries.

As Dugger threw a fast ball early, SSG gained hope that it could build a strong 1st to 3rd starter (Kim Gwang-hyun, Dugger, Elias) for the 2024 season.