That’s why I choose the Digital Marketing Program

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In 2014, a Saudi girl was enjoying her first academic achievement after she graduated from University. This is being me when I finished my bachelor’s degree in Management Information System. This was the motive behind my experience till now, in working in executive management for 5 years and more than 3 years in non-profit organization.

During this journey, however, and with all these golden opportunities for academic, professional and personal development, also I sow the movement of the business and marketing this days who is grow and how is the digital marketing effect on companies success , also some of innovation business need excellent marketing and based on that I found myself interested in digital marketing and searching for all information related to this area. In order to improve my skills and my knowledge in the digital marketing. So, I decided to search for an online resource or offline as well.

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I was lucky to came across quite a few classroom trainings and online resources but clearly the Digital Marketing Nano Degree Program from Udacity stood out. #DMND.

This course is in collaboration with companies like Facebook, Google, Hootsuite etc. and provides an opportunity to learn with the best in the industry. It happens to be one of its kind programs that provides the real-world experience by running live campaigns.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming sessions in this course that deals with Social Media Advertisement, Search Engine Optimization, Email-campaign, Google ad words etc.

I hope on the successful completion of this course, I’ll be able to perfect the art of Digital Marketing.