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Some people believe that morning erections can be caused by nightmares or a full bladder. However, it is your parasympathetic nervous system that is to blame. ‌

This section of the nervous system regulates many of the actions that happen in your body without your conscious awareness, such as digestion, urine, and sexual arousal. It also regulates your heartbeat following a fight-or-flight response to a frightening stimuli. ‌

This system is active while you sleep, particularly during REM. You may get more than one erection per night, but you will notice them most when you are near to waking up in the morning.

REM sleep is the stage of sleep during which you dream. Most people awaken after or during the REM stage of sleep, which means you are more likely to awaken with an erection. Your early morning erection, on the other hand, is not usually produced by sexual dreams. ‌

During sleep, it can produce hormonal changes that signal your body to send blood to your penis.

The sacral nerve, according to experts, may play a role. When your bladder is full, it may impinge on this nerve, resulting in parasympathetic nervous system activation and an erection. ‌

When you're thinking about something sexual, you're more likely to obtain an erection. However, you can get erections at any time, especially when you're through puberty. ‌

A nightly erection can also be triggered by sleep movement that purposely stimulates your penis.

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Who Has Access to Morning Wood?

Anyone, of any age, with a penis can have an erection while sleeping. Babies can even get erections while still in the womb!

Is Getting Morning Wood Normal?

Having erections while sleeping is quite normal. You can have up to five erections per night while sleeping. ‌

According to one study, as you get older, you are less likely to have nocturnal penile tumescen

When Should You Consult Your Doctor About Morning Wood?

Morning wood is usually a sign that everything in your body is working properly. However, if your morning erection lasts more than an hour, you should consult your doctor.

If your erection lasts more than four hours, consult your doctor. This is a condition known as priapism. ‌

Most morning erections last a few minutes, but they can continue up to 35 minutes in extreme circumstances.

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What Is the Difference Between Morning Wood and Wet Dreams?

The act of acquiring an erection while sleeping is known as morning wood. A wet dream, also known as a nocturnal emission, occurs when you experience an orgasm while sleeping. According to some experts, nocturnal emissions occur when you are already erect and experience a sexual fantasy. ‌

How to Handle Morning Wood and Wet Dreams

Nighttime erections and emissions may be embarrassing for you. You could try to prevent them, but there's no way. They're completely normal. ‌

You may need to clean yourself up or change your linens if you have a wet dream. If you just have a nightly erection, it will disappear as soon as you wake up. ‌

If you are having difficulty with your midnight erections or emissions, you can chat to a trusted friend, counsellor, or other person in your life. Talking about it with someone may make you feel better at ease, but don't worry; it's completely natural and typical.

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