how bout some Tidbits?

I have a small story.

Last night, I found myself tired and sad. I’d had a nice day at the museum with an old friend, but spending all day on my feet left my chronic pain really firing on all cylinders. It was really late, and I wasn’t looking forward to spending an hour alone on the subway after dark. Plus, we were like sardines in the train. It was all really getting to me.

I found myself so tired that I began to nod off, and I didn’t feel safe sleeping alone on the train. The two men in front of me had fallen asleep in interesting positions, so I decided to sketch to stay awake.

Suddenly, the young woman next to me woke up from dozing and noticed my drawing, just as I was finishing up.

“You’re actually really good at that!” she said.

I thanked her.

She said something negative about her own skill.

I told her it was just practice that makes me “good.”

“Did you grow up drawing?” she asked.

“I think almost everyone does,” I said. “It’s just some people don’t stop.”

We talked about how it’s sad that people feel free to draw regardless of skill when they’re little, but stop when they’re older if they feel like they’re not “talented.” Same thing with singing, we agreed.

“Do you sing?”

“I mean, I’m not a singer, but I try to sing. Sometimes. You?”

“I sing. I’m not very good, but I sing.”

“I bet you’re better than you say you are.”

“Hmm. I am pretty humble, so you’re probably right.”

We talked about our jobs. She’s a gate agent in the airline industry, and I’m a graphic designer for a concert hall.

“Do you go to the shows?”

“You know, I don’t! It’s silly. I get these free tickets since I work there, but I never take advantage of them.”

So we decided — we’d exchange numbers and hold each other accountable. She’d draw more, and I’d go to see more music.

I was having a hard time, and this one interaction made the whole thing worth it. Thanks, Alex!

Tidbit #5

Write yourself a love letter. Wait, hear me out. I know — if you’re in the shit, this sounds like hell. But just try it. It can be short. It can be to your younger self, if that’s easier. Just try.

In conclusion: Doodle, when you can.