What are the features of a medical mattress to prevent joint pain?

How should the medical mattress be, so that after seven or eight hours of sleep at night, we do not suffer from back pain or neck pain, and in a word, we have a safe and comfortable sleep. The mattress is one of the most important components of the bedroom, which should be more important than the bed itself or other items in the bedroom, because it is directly related to the health of our body and even our soul, which is related to night sleep. But despite the many advertisements in the media and virtual space, we are not sure which bed mattress is right for us and we can guarantee our health by buying a medical mattress. In this article from the Khushshava site, we decided to focus on the medical mattress and its types to guide you in your choice and purchase.

Advantages of medical mattress

Don't be surprised that in addition to maintaining the health of the body, especially the spine and neck and other movement organs, a good night's sleep is very effective on other levels of health, including the following:

  • Improve memory

  • Increased life expectancy

  • Increase creativity

  • low blood pressure

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Improve sports performance

  • Increase learning

  • Healthy metabolism

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

What is a medical mattress?

A medical mattress is a suitable mattress with a special design for a peaceful sleep away from pain and bruises, so that it can properly support the lower limbs and prevent the body from sinking into the mattress.

Many orthopedic doctors believe that a part of muscle pains, as well as some joint diseases such as neck, knee arthritis and other such cases originate from not having a suitable medical mattress, which many people are unaware of.

Medical mattress and its types

The Dalai Lama, the Buddhist religious leader, says that sleep is the best meditation if done correctly.

One of the important elements of the formation of peaceful sleep is this mattress, the medical mattress has made a lot of progress in terms of construction technology in recent years, and now you can reach the maximum comfort and comfort by getting to know each one. Next to the most important mattresses such as:

  • Latex mattress

  • Hybrid medical mattress

  • Memory foam medical mattress

We will try to choose the best type of it to maintain your health by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Memory foam mattress

Foam was actually an invention by NASA in 1970, with the design of various cushions made of foam for airplane cabins and automobiles, which took care of passengers' lives during accidents, and in the following years, this type of industry entered people's daily lives, such as the design of medical mattresses.

Made from foam or viscoelastic foam, the mattress conforms to the curves of the human body while distributing the body's weight evenly over the surface.

This feature of the existing mattress provides pain relief for those who suffer from joint pain, or muscle aches at night due to prolonged lying down. Memory foam is actually a material that adjusts to body temperature and will soften and prevent bruises in one part of the body.

Memory foam comes with other advancements, if you need a cool space for a night's sleep, it's designed to be gel-injected, which improves air pooling through the underlying support layers to provide a comfortable night's sleep.

Unlike old mattresses that might absorb any pollutants in the air, the medical memory foam mattress is hypoallergenic because it is resistant to all kinds of allergens and bacteria, and there is no need to worry about bed bugs, mites or dust. you will not have

Hybrid mattress

This mattress is designed in the best possible way to provide a pleasant sleep

Therefore, in the hybrid mattress, we have a combination of two technologies. It is the same equipment and design used in the memory foam mattress, plus it has an advanced inner spring core to provide a durable and excellent surface.

The hybrid mattress has various advantages that, due to having an independent pocket coil, it causes less movement transfer, and this makes the sleep deeper.

In addition to the internal strength, this type of mattress has a certain softness with it, the combination of firmness and softness will be highly effective for the balance of night sleep.

Also, the mattress is made of foam, which removes all kinds of sensitivity from you and will be resistant to all kinds of mold, bed bugs, vermin, and dust.

Latex mattress

Latex medical mattress has almost a longer lifespan than other mattresses on the market. They were first designed in the 1930s and reached their final evolution in the 60s. Due to the expensive materials and materials, they were a little more expensive than other mattresses, which during the last twenty years with extensive technological advances has caused the prices to drop slightly compared to the past and most users can use them.

Latex is made from plant materials, so it is very popular among people who love the environment, because it has options that are very compatible with the environment.

This elastic material, like memory foam, provides good support and provides a surface that keeps pressure away from the hips and shoulders and maintains the right balance of firmness and softness of the mattress. It means both quality sleep and relief and prevention of joint pains in the future.

The importance of knowing the types of mattresses

Have you ever paid attention to what is the model of your mattress? Have you ever paid attention to its types while buying a mattress? There are different types of mattresses that each person can use according to their efficiency. Sleep is an important part of every person's day, and to have a comfortable and quality sleep, you must have a good mattress. By knowing the types of sleeping pads and mattresses, you can buy the right sleeping mattress and experience a peaceful and comfortable sleep. So get to know the type of mattress better than before and choose the most suitable one for you. By buying a suitable mattress , you have given importance to the health of your body in addition to a comfortable and quality sleep.

final word

The medical mattress is one of the affordable mattresses in today's era, which are designed using medical and engineering recommendations and are completely standard. In fact, it is a measure to treat and prevent all kinds of diseases, especially joint diseases that have affected many people today.

برای داشتن یک خواب راحت و آسوده، خرید کالای خواب خوب و از همه مهمتر استاندارد بیش از هر چیزی اهمیت دارد. تشک طبی که در حال حاضر بسیار مورد استقبال افراد قرار گرفته است، مورد تاکید پزشکان است که بر سلامت و استاندارد بودن آنها تاکید بسیار کرده اند. اگر شما به دنبال خرید خوش خواب با کیفیت و در عین حال راحت هستید، باید به موارد زیادی توجه کنید. اگر از یک تشک قدیمی و بدون استاندارهای لازم استفاده کنید، به مرور زمان دچار بیماری های عضلانی می شوید که از جمله آن‌ها می‌توان به کمر درد یا حتی دیسک کمر اشاره کرد. افراد سالمند یا مبتلا به بیماری های استخوانی و عضلانی، بهتر است از خوشخواب های طبی استفاده کنند. خوابیدن بر روی یک بالش مناسب هم در یک خواب راحت و بدون خستگی صبحگاهی بسیار مؤثر است. اگر می خواهید از یک بالش مناسب با قیمت خوب بهره ببرید، می توانید بالش های پلی استر را تهیه نمایید. این بالش ها سبک هستند و ایجاد حساسیت نمی کنند اما چون چربی و عرق را به خود می گیرند مرتب باید شستشو شوند. در هنگام خرید تخت خواب نیز باید به ارتفاع آن توجه کنید. نباید ارتفاع آن به حدی باشد که به سختی روی آن بروید و نباید انقدر کوتاه باشد که به زمین بچسبد و با مشکل از روی آن بلند شوید. ارتفاع بیشتر تخت ها حدودا 35 تا 40 سانتی متر است.

استفاده از تشک طبی و محصولات ارتوپدیک در عصر حاضر باعث می شود آسیب کمتری به بدن برسد. شما می توانید از دور گردنی های مناسب استفاده کنید و به این صورت از آسیب های گردن از جمله آرتروز جلوگیری نمایید. از دور گردنی در هنگام مسافرت و نشستن بر روی صندلی خودرو، هواپیما، اتوبوس و یا نشستن روی مبل در زمان تماشای تلویزیون، و یا در حین کار با کامپیوتر و حتی کار در آشپزخانه استفاده می شود.