Your CompuServe email Not Working| Fixed It Now

How can you fix the comprised email? 

Follow these steps to fix Compuserve.

Step 1 look at your account issue 

1. Open the web page and search for email sign in

2. Now put your required login details like username and password.

3. Now write an email and send it to your mail address only.

4. Now check the mail you have sent to you has received it or not.

5. If it received the. Move to the next step.

Step 2 configure your account properly

  • Now what you have to do is delete your mail and again add your mail to a third party.

  • But if your mail is connected to the manual then look at the setting of IMAP and SMTP carefully.

  • If you have opened the two-step verification then change your password.

  • Make sure you are putting the correct mail address.

  • If your mail address ends with then put the server information of Verizon correctly.

Step 3Server down

If your mail is not working then look at the server first. Sometimes the app has gone under maintenance. So in that, you can only wait.

Step 4 Run the troubleshoot

If you have tried your well to solve the problem. then also it is not solving ten try this method your problem will surely be solved.

What you have to do is look at your change browser, if you are ensured that you are using the correct CompuServe webmail server setting. Then upgrade the app.

After doing all these now Run the troubleshoot on your pc it will detect all the problems and your problem will be solved.

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