Fifth week


This week has been the most stressful yet challenging week. We are working on a new project and the opening day is really soon we have to present the proposal as soon as possible and start on the campaign.

Day Twenty one | 4.11.1440

We had a meeting with our team desiccating the two options for the brand. started working on the brand. Also we had a little celebration because the Clint signed us.

Day Twenty two | 5.11.1440

Desiccating stationary and brand extinction. Creating the look and feel of the brand. designing options.

Day Twenty three | 6.11.1440

Critic station, our creative director come and give us her thoughts on the designs. The rest of the day I worked the notes she gave me. And started to work on the stationary.

Day Twenty four | 7.11.1440

I was having designer block so I diced to start sketching anything even if it’s no related to the project. I had this great I idea so searched for workout poses and printed them and added Arabic typography that present each move, completed with Wacom in illustrator.

Day twenty five | 8.11.1440

Continued the poster editing the pictures in Photoshop and editing the layout in illustrator.