Use a temporary email for subscribing

While the amount of email addressed to a single person has been going down for a few years, it is still the number one source of spam. The problem lies in how many people have disposable email addresses, and more importantly, how many of those people have public address.

While most email clients will work with regular email addresses, there are three major problems with them:

When you sign in to your account, your password is sent along with your address

When you use a search engine (even if you're on an encrypted connection) to do a search for "password" on the web, it will likely be used as your address. Not just the one in your inbox; it may be everyone's address on the internet.

There is a chance that someone will steal or hack your password

For example: when you use Gmail to sign into other services (like Facebook or Twitter), if you forget your username or password, this information can end up on sites like phishing sites and exploit kits.

If you don't have an actual identity as well as an address, then what are you?

How can anyone trust that when they send money to someone else's bank account (or PayPal or credit card), that that money actually goes where it should? You can't test this; but there’s no reason to trust the server behind the site which sends out bills and invoices. This addresses #1 and #2 above, but we need #3 because if we don't have an address we can’t prove who we are at all.

We live in a world where fake websites populate newsfeeds and social networks every minute of every day—which is why a disposable email address helps protect against all three of these things above (and also provides insurance). The trick is getting one without being exposed as someone who has compromised their real identity to do so—which means not using Google or any other regular web browser (though there are anonymizing services like Tor or i2p). And not using any online service which allows users to verify their identity through their real name—but rather proving they've never been born before by proving they've never had their real name used anywhere before. These days it's easy enough to do either of these things: just use something like Tempmailo , which provides free disposable email.