Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus for Your Window’s Security and Safety

Norton is one of the most well-known names in the world of cybersecurity software. Hailed as one of the most useful and effective antiviruses, Norton antivirus is fully packed with amazing features to protect your devices. Available for all platforms including MAC, Android, and Windows, the antivirus offers different subscription plans and security suits. Norton offers following plans that can be coupled with other Norton security products-

●     Norton AntiVirus Plus

●     Norton Security Standard

●     Norton Security Deluxe

●     Norton Security Premium

Norton free antivirus or the 30-day trial version for Norton Premier and Norton Andoird and iOS is available on their website for free download. Norton also offers free security tools such as an online scanner, malware removal tool as well as a password manager.

You can get the Norton Free antivirus by visiting their website and signing up as a new customer.

Norton Antivirus Plus and other paid versions are one of the most-liked security software out there. This is not only based on customer ratings and reviews but also on lab results and user testing. The antivirus captures all sorts of malware including trojan horses, worms, spyware, adware, ransomware and provides protection against phishing. Real-time protection makes sure that your files are being checked for malware constantly while being downloaded or used. Manual virus scanning makes it easier for the user to scan files as he/she wishes.USB’s are scanned automatically when newly attached to the device. You can also schedule a scan on a weekly or monthly basis.

You can easily get Norton free antivirus from their official website. Just click the download button and your downloading will start. One of the best things about Norton free version and other security tools is that it does not require any signups, which is makes it a smoother process. After the file has finished download, the installation process takes merely a few minutes and the initial scan starts automatically. The initial scan can take up to twenty minutes.

Here are a few other features that Norton provides-

●     Email-protection - Your emails are protected from spams and other potentially harmful links under Norton security.

●     Adware Prevention - It prevents unnecessary, annoying and harmful ads to give you protection and smoother browsing experience.

●     IM protection - Instant messages are protected, as harmful files and links can be sent on instant messaging apps and websites.

●     Personal Firewall - To double your protection, Norton antivirus provides a personal firewall that ensures your network is protected.

●     VPN servicesVirtual Private Network hides your IP address while browsing and gives you privacy and anonymity on the worldwide web.

●     Real-time scanning - Real time scanning is an amazing feature where files are scanned while being run or downloaded. The antivirus works quietly in the background to protect you.


Norton antivirus has an attractive yet simple interface. Navigation is simple and most tools can be accessed from the dashboard itself. Interface is feature-packed and simple to use, making it an even more amazing software.


In terms of scanning and performance, Norton is unbeatable. According to AV-comparatives, Norton detected 993% of internet security threats. The scanning is done quickly and the antivirus deeply scans your system for all spyware, worms, trojan, rootkit, phishing, viruses and other harmful malware. 

Technical Support

Technical Support provided by Norton antivirus is simply unmatched. A customer can get live help, phone support, email support, and even ticket support. Norton has left no leaf unturned when it comes to customer help and feedback.


Norton free antivirus provides you with the same power-packed scanning. The thirty-day trial can be easily downloaded from the website. It will give you the taste of best antivirus of 2020. After the thirty-day trial, you will have to buy a paid version to continue using Norton.