CISA Exam Dumps

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This free CISA practice test can help you get professed and pukka. Containing CISA Exam Dumps test sample questions that are in line with the questions that you might come through in the instrument examination, this CISA practice test lets you dissect your chops and better them if needed.

CISA Exam Dumps

ISACA CISA Following Questions

 Which of the following symmetric algorithms is a block cipher that the U.S government espoused as AES to replace DES?

 a) Rivest Cipher 4( RC4)

 b) Rijndael

 c) Triple Data Encryption Standard( 3DES)

 d) Blowfish

 II. An adjudicator should recommend the use of which of the following to determine the minimal position of service demanded at an alternate point?

 a) SDO

 b) RTO

 c) WRT

 d) MTD

 III. From an auditing perspective, which of the following norms most nearly maps to a Plan- Do- Check- Act( PDCA) approach?


 b) ISO 27001

 c) Taguchi

 d) CMM

 IV. Where should an association keep clones of the business durability plan?

 a) Onsite only

 b) Offsite only

 c) Both onsite and offsite

 d) None of the below

 V. In design operation, which of the following is a task related to closing a design?

 a) Release of final product or service

 b) Update of organizational means

 c) executive check

 d) All of the below

·         Question 01 Answer b

·         Question 02  Answer a

·         Question 03 Answer b

·         Question 04 Answer c

·         Question 05  Answer d

VI. Observation and testing can be used effectively in which of the ensuing areas?

 a) Separation of duties

 b) Error correction and control

 c) Input authorization

 d) All of the below

 VII. During which step of the inspection life cycle does an adjudicator identify which chops are demanded CISA Dumps for the inspection, how numerous adjudicators are needed, and what other coffers are demanded?

a) inspection objective

b)Pre-audit planning

c) Data gathering

d) Results evaluation

• In the NIST interpretation of the SDLC process, the system or program performs the work for which it was designed in which cascade phase?

a) Operation/ conservation

b) perpetration

c) inauguration

d) Disposal

 • Which database-affiliated term refers to the process of combining several low- perceptivity particulars to produce a high- perceptivity data item?

 a) Relation

 b) Aggregation

 c) Granularity

 d) Foreign crucial

 VIII. When a system moves into product and changes are demanded, which of the following is the final step in the change control process?

 a) Document the new configuration.

 b) Test the proposed change.

 c) apply the change, if approved.

 d) Present the results to the change- control board.

·         Question 06 Answer d

·         Question 07 Answer b

·         Question 08 Answer a

·         Question 09 Answer b

·         Question 10 Answer c

  Being certified in CISA requires you to be complete in colorful areas related to IT security and cybersecurity in general. However, you need to insure that you are well- clued with cybersecurity and its nuances, if you are interested in getting CISA certified. In addition, it provides you the confidence to appear the CISA instrument test as well. Take the CISA mock test moment and stopgap for a great career in cybersecurity.

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