How To Make YouTube Playlists And Loop Youtube On Chromecast

Given that YouTube is owned by Google, you may assume that's where you'll most likely find the best video playback support. Since no other video streaming service or app comes close to matching the support offered by YouTube, your expectations would be on the money.

The hitch is that when casting YouTube videos to the Chromecast, whether on a loop youtube or not, Google has some really odd settings. A single video, a complete playlist, or even a queue of videos can be easily cast to the Chromecast. Simply put, you can't loop any of them. Actually, not formally.

The Chromecast will not loop the beginning of whatever is being cast whenever it ends, whether it be a video, playlist, or queue. Although YouTube has a built-in loop feature, there is no confirmed Chromecast loop setting. I think it's a little strange that this is the case. Why wouldn't Google-owned YouTube features function on a Google device? It's a good thing that there is a solution for anyone searching for some Chromecast loop action.

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That's good news, I suppose. What must I accomplish?

There are just a few ways to use Chromecast to make your YouTube videos loop. Each will have a unique set of restrictions. I'll go over utilizing the web application Dashcast to loop YouTube videos using a Chromecast.

Using Dashcast, you can loop YouTube playlists and videos

You'll need to create a playlist if you're connecting your PC to a Chromecast in order to loop videos. Android has a few other options for looping YouTube videos, so it is not necessary to use this.

To add a video to your playlist, you must go to the website where it is located. You still need to add the video to a playlist for it to function, even if all you want to do is loop a single video. Obtaining the specific YouTube playlist ID is necessary after the video(s) have been added.

Each YouTube video has its own unique ID. The same applies to a YouTube playlist. Without this ID, you cannot use Chromecast to loop your YouTube videos. The ID is fairly easy to retrieve. The URL of every playlist page has an ID. This will be the string of characters and digits that follows the list= section and comes before the & in the URL. Simply duplicate everything that comes after that, and you'll have the required ID.

Copy the ID and then paste it into the "playlist ID" box in the supplied URL:

YouTube URL: embed list="playlist ID" autoplay="1" controls="0" loop="1"

The URL must not have any quote marks for it to function. To go to the following step, copy the entire URL.

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Since Dashcast is a web application, there's no need to download or set it up. Instead of directly accessing YouTube, you will be casting this to your Chromecast. From here:

  1. Visit for more information. which is where the changed URL that you should have copied to your clipboard will be pasted.

  2. Insert the URL in the space provided.

  3. Switch to YES for "Force Display."

  4. Press the GO key.

  5. You will then be prompted by Google Chrome to choose your Chromecast device.

  6. Make sure the Cast extension is already set up.

  7. The content will begin being cast to Chromecast once you've chosen your device. The playlist will automatically start over at the beginning when it reaches its conclusion.

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Casting from PC Issues

The Google Chrome browser includes built-in support for Chromecast. So, if you're having casting problems, the following actions can be helpful. Try each of the following before going on to the next if your Windows OS PC satisfies the current minimum system requirements for Chromecast:

Make sure your Chrome browser is running the most recent version.

  1. Launch Chrome and open a new tab.

  2. In the address bar, enter chrome:/flags/#load-media-router-component-extension or copy and paste it.

  3. Verify if the state is "Enabled" by checking. Try "Disabling" and restarting the Chrome browser if it is.

  4. Repetition of steps 1-4 with the media router enabled this time.

To test casting after restarting Chrome, take into account the following:

  • Do you have a Chromecast device and an unsupported device between them?

  • Ensure that the power supply for the Chromecast is plugged into an open electrical outlet and not the USB input on your TV or other devices.

  • The distance between your computer and Chromecast device should be no more than 15 feet (4 meters). The distance between your Chromecast and router should be no more than 15 feet (4 meters).

  • Have you lately tried restarting your Chromecast, network, and casting device?

  • Unplug your PC, Chromecast, and TV from their power sources for at least a few minutes before rebooting all three of your devices.