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A Look Behind The Curtain

This Time We Answer | A look into VLKYRIE

This is the first time we have done this and to ensure transparency as per promised, this definitely won’t be the last time we open the curtains wide on the clan and community. Today, i personally will open up about how change is decided, the motivation behind wanting to achieve beyond what is capable and look at the way we are going to approach change moving forward.

Since the founding of VLKYRIE back in Shadowkeep, we have learned quite a lot and we aren’t ready to give up on ensuring we don’t fall backwards and today will be the first time in ages that we tread the past to understand the future. Buckle up and get ready for a massive wall of text that answers everything you have been wondering with direct accounts from VLKYRIE Staff Management and insights from my directive actions that are implemented on a daily basis.

VLKYRIE Development Insight | How we develop our decisions

As we are a massively long-standing clan built from the remnant of an older clan, we have a massive learning infrastructure we have built off which means we have experience in certain features and directives that caused issues as well as certain features and directives that made a positive impact and all current decisions have been based around within certain features being consistently overhauled and overlooked. This is also why we have adopted the evolving structure meaning never are things that are implemented are implemented in their final form.

As we move into yet another season, we noticed things missing and have ensured to build upon those areas to prepare for things to come. It isn’t easy in any factor when it comes to change and with change the question, “is something new really what we need?” Or is it “Have we done this right?”. Moving into a new season isn’t an easy change as features need to adapt and features may need to be removed, this is why with Trails of Osiris returning, we decided to implement PVP services back into the clan structure which means stepping into cautious territory that we didn’t do right in the past. 

We cannot guarantee that everything implemented won’t come with issue but we can promise that we are listening to feedback actively and ensuring to implement change where it is needed, we have a promise to not only ourselves but to you that we ensure everything we do doesn’t negatively impact you as a clan member or community member.

Clan Over Community | Why we are focusing on clan more in Season 10

With the return to clan focus over community, we are putting in place the foundations for things that connect our core members to content in Season 10, does this mean we are abandoning the community, absolutely not and that is something our extended roster fears which we want to avoid. So how are we still going to cater to the community in season 10, that is something that I want to answer and also go into showcasing why we made the move into the community design back in December 2020.

Let’s look at the starting point first before anything first, why we made the choice to choose community over traditional clan. We chose to challenge the design by breaking the chains Bungie had enforced per their native clan design format, this meant to build a structure that connected not only members but gave others a chance to experience devotion from a clan experience without needing to be in a clan, we achieved that but at what cost. We gave up focus on the clan only meaning we broke our promise to our clan members and went off on a tangent to ensuring the community connection remained a definitive factor within our structure. We developed services that catered only to those and let our core members feeling disconnected, this brought a dark shadow over trust and direction in the server as well as VLKYRIE and that focus caused members to leave due to no content or focus on assisting the real family within the roster. That has been a massive issue and we are rewriting everything yet again to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

How are we doing this you ask, we are firstly appointing more then one clan leader in the server, this means member disconnection and neglect within our core roster can be discovered more rapidly and fixes can be implemented within a matter of hours or days to fix the issue. The next step is breaking our habits and stopping the focus on other projects, this means Superius and Community Link are now on active hiatus until further notice. We are putting the focus on Xbox for active clan content and putting the focus on PC LFG for our steam members, this means we aren’t holding dedicated events for steam users but will implement the use of the community structure and the official Destiny 2 PC LFG Discord Server to host Steam events. We also are actively watching LFG channels in community channels to ensure members able to do the content are connecting with those member looking for more to ensure they have a solid roster of experienced members to progress through requested activities and members able to help others experience that content for the first time.

Now, where do we draw the line for things coming, firstly we will only allow assistance services to clan members, Workshops will remain open to everyone in server and Donation Assistance will be available to community for PVP content. Why are we returning to a paid structure, firstly it is a set amount, secondly you have the option to avoid it and use other LFG services that provide assistance for free. We want the focus for Season 10 to be on the clan and that is exactly what we are doing with the free services for clan members. We also will be leaving PVE Assistance free to community meaning raids and exotic assistance will be promised without cost, those yet to experience a raid are encouraged to sign up for workshops which will be outlined in-depth further on in this weeks community update.

Where are we heading | The future and development insight

Being the fact we are constantly in need for change to adapt to the requirements of Destiny 2, we are constantly heading into new territory for features and content improvements. We have many plans that we want to explore however each direction we take, we approach with caution and this leads to slowed development and direct pathways that see barely any backtrack. Moving through this year, we are adapting this strategy and approaching feedback more over then staff decision. We hear the need for things to be added or extra things to be considered but we have a direct development overview that needs to be met when looking at integrating these proposed features. 

This is also why we have combined our staff structure, to begin acting on these things so we ensure to move forward as it gives us the power to test features behind the scenes before letting it impact the main design we build upon. We have countless direction of feedback channels and with recent changes we have expanded these to more areas then ever before with direct clan, community and development feedback channels being the main drive behind developmental changes.

So what are we looking at and what is set to change, to be honest, we cannot say for sure as we have reached a stage where clan health and community health need improvement as well as overhauling existing features to break chains that hold us down from moving forward. Some proposed directions are to expand the roster into two active clans, some proposed changes are to look at account recovery in its entirety and some changes are already in effect but these areas are dangerous territory and these are waters we have already treaded in and we quickly stepped back as they deemed too much for what we intended. We are now at a stage where these need to be looked at and we are beginning with the return of PVP assistance as outlined before. 

As for a new clan arising, we are going to look heavily into areas that need improvements before considering implementation of that massive change, maybe that may not be needed and we can achieve a direction that allows multi-clan integration, it is simple as looking at options and testing them however moving forward, massive change will undergo months of consideration before implementation. Right now we are in a great spot, we made changes to improve both clan and community engagement however representation, code of conduct and growth are all areas that need refinement to properly call us to a position of true readiness regarding additional features and change.

The next area we will look at in the immediate future will be Account Recovery Services for clan within the Raid and Exotic Quest areas, expanding on Workshop formats and improving this feature to work with all areas of the clan and member experience levels, building on Live-streaming features and helping grow audiences, merchandise for clan member with official shirts being an option for long-term members, ensuring we keep active ratings in the core clan and making sure we have a staff structure that works and factors of improvement can be heard a lot sooner.

Final Notes | Things still to be discussed coming this week!!!

As we rapidly approach Season 10, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, lots of structure that needs to be overhauled and lots of areas that need to be explored. This is first time we have given you a look at how we decide on changes, why we have deployed what we have and why we have removed features that worked but no longer are needed. These long walls of text wont be given often but when the need to talk is proved right, i will always be open about the future of the clan and the community. 

Stay tuned for this week’s community notice as heading into Season 10, this one will be for the clan and i promise you, you will not want to miss what we have to reveal as well as announce. This insight was provided from not only myself but the entire VLKYRIE Staff Management Team ranging from the Clan Leaders, PVP Managers and Senior Staff Team members.

Until we need insight given again, i am just a message away if you have any questions and remember our staff are here to help, just reach out via using the VLKYRIE Support service and we will respond near immediately.