Useful Writing Tips on Writing Historical Essays – Guide 2022

Historical essays can be a mammoth task for any person if not done with the right strategy and planning. You will have to conduct your research depending on the topic. What makes the process difficult even in the research and brainstorming phase is that many topics require you to look into data that is broken and in snippets. 


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It takes a lot of time for students as well as professionals to get comfortable with historical essays. However, an essay writer can make the process easy by following the various writing tips and understanding more about the information sources. 


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Information Sources


Once the topic is decided and its required and relevant information specified, its time to check out the sources to come up with useful answers. There are two types of sources that you will deal with:


Primary Sources


This source of information is related to the material that was produced during the time period of your subject. These can be news articles, books, journals, letters, statistics, film, and music. 


Secondary sources


These are the sources of information, that came after the time period of the topic. Such information type is the work of scholars analyzing and interpreting from the data from the primary sources. 


Creating Evidence out of Source?


The source can be taken as raw material while the evidence as to the processed material. Scholars and individuals turn the sources into the evidence through critical thinking and performing analysis.




The historians do this by reading the text of the source closely and asking questions to come up with a unique perspective on the subject. 


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The five questions asked are :



Who is responsible for producing the source?


When was the source information created?  


Why was this source produced? 


What did it wish to accomplish? What was the intended audience?


How does this source fare alongside other sources?




Common practices in writing on topics of History


Always use the past tens


Since the events occurred in the past it is only logical to use the past tense in talking about them.


Be specific and avoid generalizations


Generalizations should be avoided altogether, especially when referring to an event in time. An essay on a topic of history should have its fair share of time and dates


Investigate the past without creating anachronisms


While it’s common and advisable to use the literary present tense while writing on fictional events, for history essays you should always use the past tense. Whether you are discussing a writer’s work or a historical event. 


Be unbiased and show empathy


It is important to know that the people you are discussing in your essays might not have the same understanding of the principles you are measuring them against. It is thus important to be empathetic and discuss the people and their choices with their situation in mind. 


Don’t over quote and quote only when needed


Instead of quoting an author or a scholar you should word your interpretation of the quote and paraphrase the quote. And when you do quote provide its full context and authority.   


Cite religiously using a single style


As a responsible writer, you should take care to provide a citation for each cited item. The citation should all be done in the same style. Writing in history employes footnotes to provide references; you can also use the parenthetical citation 


Use a formal academic voice 


Writing in history is as formal as it gets. You are therefore not allowed to write in the first or second person. Also, it is advisable to use formal active.


Peer review, revise, and proofread  


One cannot emphasize this enough: a review from another person will show you the weak points in the essays. While revising and proofreading can help you get rid of sentence-level mistakes.


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