ADHD Survival Guide: Staying Organized in the Busy Fall Season

Fall is often a very busy time of the year. School is back in session, and kids are busy with activities, sports, and homework. There are back to school events, conferences, and Halloween. With the change of seasons, you may also be reorganizing your closet to replace your summer clothes with warmer ones and decorating the house.

Many people are also already thinking about the upcoming holidays, which can add extra stress. If you have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, all of this can be extremely overwhelming, but there are ways to survive and manage symptoms, which may include over the counter ADHD medication

Daily Routine Management

Creating a routine is key for those with ADHD. This helps remove the chaos and makes it easier to complete tasks. Have a regular sleep schedule and try to eat meals at the same time every day. If you are in charge of making your kids' lunches, start the process the evening before, and do much of the prep work on weekends. If you take OTC anxiety meds, take them at the same time so you remember.

For things that are not the same every day, incorporate calendars to keep things organized. Have a big one in the kitchen or other community space and keep everyone's schedule on it. Have another calendar for your activities, whether that is a paper or online calendar. Highlight items on the calendar that are out of your normal routine.    

Create a Supportive Network

Dealing with ADHD on your own can be challenging. Surround yourself with others who understand and are happy and willing to help. Create a carpool schedule so you can take turns taking the kids to school or sports, and trade off on play dates so everyone gets a break.

Engage your spouse and family members as much as possible. If they do not seem to understand ADHD and how they can support you, consider going to family therapy so they can learn. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it.  

Incorporate Healthy Habits

The symptoms of ADHD can often be managed with healthy habits, such as exercise and diet. To reduce symptoms, incorporate more veggies, fruits, meats, fish, and whole grains. Limit or avoid alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, refined sugar, and artificial ingredients. Aim to exercise four to five days a week, and find something that you enjoy enough that you look forward to it.

Sleep is an extremely important component of mental health, including ADHD. Getting a good night of quality sleep calms the brain and allows it to regroup so you feel more organized in the morning.

If lifestyle changes are not enough to reduce symptoms, medication may be helpful. However, to avoid dangerous side effects, go for a healthier alternative and search for the best non prescription Adderall alternative. This homeopathic remedy is natural and safe to use, and it is available over the counter. The ingredients work with your brain chemicals to naturally reduce hyperactivity, inattentiveness, anxiety, and stress.