The Best Free TikTok downloader Introduce

TikTok Downloader Introduce

TikTok Downloader is a completely open source tool specifically designed to collect TikTok videos, image collections, original sounds as well as Douyin audio and video, image collections, favorites, live streams, original sounds, collections, comments, account, search and hot list data. The software is developed in Python, implemented based on the Requests module, and requires a computer installed with Python interpreter version 3.10 or above.

TikTok Downlaoader Funtions And Features
Download Douyin and TikTok videos without watermarks/image collections

With TikTok Downloader, you can download TikTok videos from both Douyin and TikTok platforms, without any watermarks or additional image collections.

Batch download Douyin account posts/likes/collections

The tool allows you to batch download Douyin account posts, likes, and collections. This means you can download multiple videos in one go from a specific user's account.

Support entering multiple links for batch downloading

You have the ability to enter multiple links, enabling batch downloading of TikTok videos from various sources at once.

Support batch downloading works from multiple accounts

TikTok Downloader supports simultaneous batch downloading from multiple accounts. This means you can download videos from different user accounts simultaneously, saving time and effort.

Automatically skip downloaded files

The tool automatically skips downloaded files to avoid duplicates. This ensures that you don't mistakenly download the same video multiple times.

Persistently save collection data

Collection data is persistently stored, allowing you to easily access and manage your downloaded videos.

Download dynamic/static cover images

In addition to downloading the videos, TikTok Downloader also allows you to download the dynamic and static cover images associated with the videos.

Get Douyin live stream addresses and download live videos

You can retrieve Douyin live stream addresses and download live videos, expanding your video collection beyond just pre-recorded content.

Provide Web UI interactive interface

TikTok Downloader provides a user-friendly Web UI interactive interface, making the downloading process easy and accessible.

Collect Douyin work comment data

The tool collects comment data for Douyin works, enabling you to analyze and understand the engagement and feedback received by the videos.

Batch download Douyin collection works

You can batch download Douyin collection works, allowing you to download entire collections of videos from a user or a theme.

Record statistics like likes, collections, etc.

TikTok Downloader records various statistics such as likes and collections for each video, providing valuable insights into the popularity and reception of the content.

Filter work release times

It allows you to filter works based on their release times, making it easier to organize and manage your collection based on specific time periods.

Support incremental downloading of account works

TikTok Downloader supports incremental downloading of account works. This means that you can efficiently update your downloaded content by only downloading the new or updated videos from an account.

Support using proxies to collect data

The tool supports the use of proxies for data collection. This enables you to enhance privacy and access TikTok videos even if they are regionally restricted.

Support LAN remote access

It provides support for LAN remote access, allowing you to conveniently use the downloader from different devices on your local network.

Collect detailed Douyin account data

TikTok Downloader collects detailed Douyin account data, offering comprehensive analysis and insights into a user's video content and engagement.

Update work statistics

Work statistics are automatically updated, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information about the popularity and engagement of the videos.

Automatically update account nicknames

Account nicknames are automatically updated, making it easier to track and identify specific user accounts.

Support deployment to private and public servers

TikTok Downloader supports deployment on both private and public servers, offering flexibility in how you choose to use and access the tool.

Collect Douyin search and hot list data

It has the capability to collect Douyin search and hot list data, allowing you to stay updated on the latest trends and popular videos.

Record downloaded work IDs

The tool records the downloaded work IDs for easy reference and tracking of your downloaded videos.


QR code login to get cookies

You have the option to use QR code login for authentication, simplifying the process of retrieving cookies to access TikTok's data.

Support Web API calls

TikTok Downloader supports Web API calls, enabling integration with other systems or services for seamless data exchange and automation.

Support multi-threaded downloading works

The tool utilizes multi-threaded downloading, which improves the speed and efficiency of the downloading process by downloading multiple videos simultaneously.

TikTok Downloader Usage
  1. Install Python interpreter version 3.10 or higher.

  2. Install third-party modules listed in requirements.txt.

  3. Run

  4. Write Cookie information to config file:

●     Manual copy & paste: Open Douyin web page in browser, copy all Cookie info to clipboard, then follow prompts to write Cookie to config file.

●     QR code login to get Cookie: Select QR code login mode to write Cookie, program pops up login QR code image, use Douyin APP to scan and login, then follow prompts to write Cookie to config file.

  1. Return to program interface, select terminal command line mode -> Download single link work, enter Douyin or TikTok work link to download work files.


TikTok Downloader Usage Notes

●     When getting and using Cookie information, please ensure to protect account privacy and security.

●     When using multi-threaded downloading, pay attention to network bandwidth and resource usage to avoid impacting other network activities.

●     This software requires some Python foundations and hands-on skills. Users familiar with Python will find it easier to use.


TikTok Downloader Brands




It is a simple-to-use downloader that is exclusively for TikTok videos. A variety of TikTok video downloader applications are accessible, each with its own set of features. However, SssTikTok stands out by allowing video downloads without watermarks.

To download a video, simply visit the official website and paste the TikTok video link. Then, click the download button to easily save the video. No registration or signup is necessary to use this downloader.

In addition to the website, there is also a downloadable app for video downloads. It is accessible on TikTok and can be obtained with a single click. This app allows video downloads from any source, at any time. The procedure of downloading SssTikTok is not as difficult as it may appear.

If you are not utilizing the website to acquire the TikTok Downloader app, it can be difficult to find the authentic version. When searching on the Google Play Store, ensure that you download the correct one among the many results. This app also allows you to save videos and convert them to mp3 files, effectively acting as a TikTok Downloader mp3 converter.



The TikTok Downloader, also known as SnapTik, is a readily available application for web and mobile use. It is primarily designed to allow users to download TikTok videos without the watermark that appears in the lower right-hand corner. This feature is particularly useful for repurposing content on various platforms, such as personal blogs, Facebook, and Instagram. With SnapTik, content creators now have the option to upload videos to TikTok and use them on other social media channels without any TikTok branding. However, it is essential to always seek permission from the original video creator before using their content for commercial purposes.