Things so Far

2020 has been an incredibly special year for sure. Month after month, things have only been going on what seems like a continuous downwards spiral. 

From forest fires and celebrity deaths to full on world-wide pandemic and very possibly, Armageddon. 

It is now the beginning of May and things have never been more hectic for me. Having a full-time job and being a full-time student during the pandemic certainly is a big challenge to anyone.

Having almost nowhere to go and nothing to do in your free time is very taxing on anyone’s morale. Everything is closed, and everyone is practicing social distancing, quite depressing, honestly. 

 Having a stable and structured daily routine really helps, however. Spending time with my family, reading writing or whatever that I consider a creative outlet or even calling my friends on discord does make quarantine so much easier. 

Overall, I really do not want this to continue for long, as many others do, as the mental impact that it has on me is so much higher than i expected.

Get me out of here.