Work Smart Not Hard: How Committing To Data Collection Can Elevate Your Digital Marketing

We are all familiar with the expression “work smart, not hard”, and yet sometimes you can be working so hard on something it is tricky to see where the smarter part comes in. Digital marketing has so many facets and components that to give them all equal time and attention can certainly seem like hard work – if not a towering impossibility.


Read on to discover why committing to data collection is the smarter choice for your digital marketing strategy today. 

What do we mean by data collection in digital marketing?

Data collection, much as it sounds, involves gathering and measuring information. In this case, information relating to any and all digital marketing purposes. Data collection and analysis is an absolutely essential part of any marketing strategy, giving you the knowledge to make the decisions that you need to.


It is also crucial that you collect the right data and in the right way. The term GIGO refers to garbage in, garbage out, and is a fair way to describe what happens if your data collection is poorly conceived or executed.


It would make little to no sense to gather information about something that doesn’t relate to your field in any way, while the wrong focus could lead your marketing strategy down the wrong path. You could, for example, look so much at why people don’t buy your product and attempt to make changes to the product, rather than looking at why they do and capitalising on it. 

Why is data collection so important?

Data collection is so important for endless reasons, not least of which is that knowledge is power. If the one eyed man is King in a Kingdom of blind people, anyone not utilising data collection is wilfully walking around with a blindfold on.


To be able to accurately plan out a digital marketing strategy, you need insight into the market. An SEO consultant in Brisbane can help you define and dial-in your audience with great accuracy.


Data collection exists to get you the information you need to make informed decisions, to see the complete picture, and to determine new initiatives. It can help you improve on and optimise campaigns, as well as increasing your profitability in tremendous ways.


If you aren’t already utilising data collection in your digital marketing then other businesses have a head start on you. Your competitors are out there right now bringing in massive amounts of data and leveraging it to all kinds of uses to improve their business. If you don’t get a move on, you will soon find yourself outpaced and left far behind.

How can you go about committing to data collection?

The good thing is, it isn’t too late to get data collection working for you. You can choose to get started in-house or hire a qualified marketing company to make it a priority for you right away. You can work out the area that you are interested in, the kinds of information you need, and the method of collection that you will use.


There are impressive analytics and data collection tools available that you can use to see what you have done right, what needs to be altered, and where you can be in the future. Remember, knowledge is power, so choose to become more powerful and commit to data collection today. The numbers don’t lie!