What Are Some Mistakes That People Make Regarding Fire Gel?

Fire gel is a type of bird repellent gel that a lot of people use both in and around their homes as well as their businesses. That’s because the gel is highly effective and very simple to use. But even so, a mistake scan is made. That's why it is important to know how to use the stuff before you throw your money away on wasted attempts. 

Where Can One Learn How to Use Bird Repellent Gel?

Getting rid of birds can be a stressful activity if done wrongly. Thankfully, there is a fast and easy way of doing things, it requires using a bird repellent solution. But even so, some people may have a hard time figuring things out. That’s because they don’t actually read the instructions given to them, or don’t have who to ask for help when they need it. So, they end up spending a lot of money and time doing something that can be done in only a couple of hours. That’s why it is important to gather all the necessary information before one starts work.

One of the easiest places to find out how to use bird repellent gel  is online. There are literally tons of websites, both from the people that make it and from those that use it, where you can find everything you need to know. And if you don’t think that’s enough, you can even search for a video tutorial about how the gel works and how you have to handle it, and deploy it, in order to have maximum efficiency.

Everything you need to know, with steps and video assistance, can be found online. You just have to look.

Another way of finding out how to use bird repellent gel is to get in touch with your nearest pest control company. They can help you find the gel you need and even show you how to use it properly. They can also instruct you on how to know when you need to change your gel and how much to actually use. All you have to do is give them a call or an email and they can help you in no time. Also, they can even help you set it up if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Why Shouldn’t You Make Your Own Bird Repellent Gel?

You may have heard stories, or even read a recipe or two online about homemade bird repellent gel. The fact is that making this type of gel isn’t as easy as you may think, or how others may make it look. Firstly, you have to have the right ingredients. There’s no room for error. Granted, it isn’t rocket science, but you still have to be careful when handling the ingredients. Although it is generally safe for humans, too much of the stuff, especially if mixed incorrectly, can be quite dangerous. Also, using other ingredients may result in you just making a poison that can kill birds, rather than scare them away.

Another reason why making your own bird repellent gel isn’t really a good idea, is that the real thing can be easily found in any hardware store or home improvement shop. All you have to do is pop down and grab as much as you need. Also, the gel is quite affordable, so you’re not really saving that much money by making your own. Just head down to your nearest shop and you’ll even find a wide selection of the stuff from various brands, so you’ll even have your pick.

But Can I At Least Try to Make My Own?

Well, the point is that you really shouldn’t. You shouldn’t dabble in chemistry without the proper training and without taking the proper precautions. That’s because you could end up hurting yourself or others around you. And you should definitely not try any experiments indoors.

What Are Some Common Mistakes People Make When Using Fire Gel?

Fire gel is an optical deterrent developed in order to make birds think that flames are coming out of the area where the gel is placed. This is why one of the mistakes that people make when using this gel is putting too little or too much in the same place. It doesn’t take much to scare off birds, but you definitely shouldn’t place too few of these disks around. That’s because, although birds can be scared off easily, they are smart. They will find a way to navigate around the disks if they are clustered in a small area. So, make sure that you space the gel disks evenly over the entire area you want to be bird free.

Another common mistake done when using fire gel is not cleaning the surface before installing the disks. Some disks already have a strong glue on the bottom of them, covered by a removable foil, while some may need a little spritz of silicone in order to make them stick. But before doing any of that, you should properly clean the area of any debris or dust that might affect the adhesive. This way you will be sure that the disks won’t fall, regardless of what type of surface you place them on.

Can They Be Used Anywhere?

Technically yes. They are designed to work both inside and outside. And that’s because they are only annoying to the birds. They don’t have any effect on humans whatsoever. Granted, if used indoors, you should probably keep your pets, especially birds, away from them. But other than that, they are perfect for any surroundings.

How Can Fire Gel Help My Business?

Businesses have to look good in order to attract customers. That’s why many small businesses that operate in areas with heavy traffic, need to look spotless. That means that bird droppings just won’t do. So, the owners of these businesses need a bit of help getting rid of unwanted pests. These gel disks are perfect for keeping the outside of your business spotless. And because they are so small, they are very discreet, and your customers will never notice them.

But fire gel can help bigger businesses as well. For instance, factory roofs are a preferred spot for birds to nest and roost. And that’s because factory roofs are usually warmer thanks to all the machinery working underneath. If left unchecked, they can literally take over an entire roof. And they don’t just stop at roofs. Because factories usually have high ceilings, they tend to get inside and nest in the rafters. This can lead to a very unhealthy situation, where droppings can gather on the factory floor upsetting the workers and even making them sick. All you have to do is give the areas you want to be evacuated a nice scrub and then place the disks.