The Best Bird Repellent Solutions Available on the Market

Of all the bird repellent solutions available on the market, how do you know which one best suits your needs? After all, we have to admit that the list of products that claim to get rid of the roof-destroying pigeons is a long one. From using pigeon repellent gel to using bird spikes to prevent birds from building nests on your window ledges, there are options and variations for every situation and budget.

But the thing to remember is that all of these methods of pigeon control are only successful if they are implemented by an accredited team of professionals who can give you the advice you need to make the best decisions for you and your family. In the next few paragraphs, we will analyze which are the main pest control methods currently used by professional companies and why they might be the solution you need.

The Usage of Bird Nets as a Bird Repellent

One of the most popular and best-known methods of preventing pigeons from reaching a certain area is the use of bird nets. It is an efficient repellent that has the advantage of being able to be used on a fairly large scale, both on private property such as homeowners' residences as well as outdoors, such as in stadiums.

It is not a high-tech solution like fire gel, but it is a relatively inexpensive solution that offers increased flexibility and cannot harm birds in any way. The disadvantage of such an approach has to do with aesthetics, as the nets are quite visible in all circumstances and influence the architectural appearance of the buildings on which they are applied.

The Good Old Pigeon Spikes

When thinking about bird repellent methods, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the use of the so-called pigeon spikes, a set of spikes that are placed in spots where pigeons or other birds usually nest. Their presence represents a physical barrier between the pigeon and the ledges so that their presence in those parts of the building is no longer possible. As the use of bird nets, this method is cheap, and it must be said, quite rudimentary. But this simplicity brings with it some disadvantages.

First of all, there are the aesthetic ones. A few dozens of spikes in the facade of your building will probably not win you any awards for reinventing architectural trends. Also, the space these spikes occupy becomes unusable once they are placed. True, you get rid of the pigeons, and this is an important aspect, but instead of them, you are left with spikes that could pose a risk to your pets. Pigeon spikes remain a popular solution due to the simplicity and low cost this method offers. In certain circumstances, it may be exactly what you are looking for.

The Use of a Decoy

Birds have natural predators, so using decoys such as statues or placing devices that emit the sounds of pigeons' natural predators, such as the sounds of a hawk, can be a pretty good way to keep pigeons at bay. However, although pigeons may not exactly be considered the geniuses of the avian empire, at some point they will learn that the obstacles placed in their way are not a real threat and will learn to avoid them. This method can be quite effective, but unfortunately most of the time, it is only a time-limited method.

Transparent Bird Gel

One of the most sophisticated methods of bird control is the emergence on the market of transparent bird gel products. Their composition may differ for each brand, some of them having a single system that attacks the primary senses of the pigeons, while others make use of both the instincts of touch as well as the sight and hearing of the pigeons. In short, transparent bird gel is usually composed of a small disk that eliminates UV light which the pigeon perceives as fire, and so its instincts tell it to stay at a considerable distance from it.

Transparent bird gel is an ideal solution for people who are interested in maintaining the natural appearance of the facades of the buildings they live in, as this method of bird repellent is more subtle and harder to see from a distance than other approaches. Transparent bird gel is also non-toxic, does not harm birds in any way, and does not present a risk for your family or your pets. There are several types of such gels that influence the senses of birds and make them look for other places to nest.

The most sophisticated types of transparent bird gel feature a three-step system that influences all the birds' senses. First is the sense of sight, the UV light released by the gel looks like a flame to the birds which keeps them away from your location. Then the next sense attacked by these gels is the olfactory one. These gels often have aromatic fragrances such as peppermint oil which acts on the olfactory system of birds and is a natural bird repellent. Then there is the sense of touch, these little disks being in the majority of cases sticky, which makes the birds, especially the pigeons, prone to naturally avoid them.

Is There Truly an Ideal Method for any Scenario?

Fortunately, we live in a time when the number of methods we have available to eliminate the problem of pest birds is higher than ever. However, this plethora of solutions for every budget and circumstance can often seem overwhelming.

Perhaps the only bird repellent you need in your case is a bird net, while another person might need a more sophisticated method such as using transparent bird gel. The most important thing is to contact a specialized company with an excellent reputation before deciding on your pest problem, to ensure maximum satisfaction for you and your family. Your money and time are important, which is why you deserve only the best solutions that perfectly fit your needs.