The Design & Art Juice

I always considered myself a creative, I enjoy drawing, painting and doing handcrafts. And when I discovered graphic design it looked like the field in which I could take my creativity and apply it to a new set of tools and present it in a different way.

Draw & Design

I was always eager to combine what I learnt during the year of studying graphic design with my drawing skills so I can make the drawings I make able to fit into posters, packaging design, brochures and a variety of other media, printed or displayed on a screen.

Posts About Food

I had a chance to work on couple of social media posts that are related to restaurants and food delivery apps as well.

Other social media work

Arts & Crafts & Typography

Design does not have to follow a single method, and experimenting with different materials, and following a multi-steps process before creating the final project. The poster above, for example, was started by using old used sheets of paper, cutting and painting the pieces to build a small set of a tiger in a forest, then taking photographs of the set and merging the photo with background and text to convey the message of the importance of recycling. 

Make The Gift

Let’s say that I’m the one in charge of the card-making in any celebration with my friends. These cards are great gifts on their own! 

Letterhead Background

Back of Business Card 

An Identity Contains Shapes, Colors, and Images

In creating brand identities for clients, I love combining many elements that can be connected to each other to form unity between them. I try to make multiple backgrounds, use a variation of colors, …etc., but in the end, when you look at each part you find the connection between each element with the other.