Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Seasonal Event to Introduce New Mini-Game

Animal Crossing is more well known than any other time, continuing to ride the influx of achievement it saw with the Switch discharge Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In any case, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the portable game, is additionally famous by its own doing, and it seems as though fans are in for something crisp just around the corner.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has now confirmed that a new event is coming to the game. Players will be ready to make their own extraordinary celebratory dango in a seasonal event called Lucky Dango Potluck.

The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Lucky Dango event is set to start on September 1 at 11pm PT, and will check whenever that the game first has witnessed an event very like this. The start of Japan's Moon Viewing harvest time celebration is quickly drawing closer, and this event is an Animal Crossing-style take on the merriments. In Japan, exceptional dango, or dumplings, are made to praise the event that are called tsukimi dango. This is the very thing players will make in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, with a promotional picture showing the player character beating mochi flour.

Up until this point, that is all the information that has been freely given about the event, however Animal Crossing dataminers have already been working diligently uncovering more subtleties. The event is a Together Event, which will probably request that players all around the world accomplish a specific objective to open more rewards. In light of dataminers' discoveries, the event will incorporate a fresh out of the box new minigame that will have players prepping the batter for making dango. Players will have a limited time to tap and whirl the mixture to make dango. There's likewise an event ticket that players should get to participate in the event.

Beyond these subtleties, not much is been aware of the new event. Nonetheless, that ought to make it genuinely invigorating for Pocket Camp players, as any prizes are generally a secret. Unfortunately for Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans, this update highlights the way that New Horizons' help has reached a conclusion while the versatile game continues to see additions. Fans can obviously play both to appreciate all that the series brings to the table right now, yet many would have jumped at the chance to have seen New Horizons continue to get refreshes, too.

With summer starting to come to a nearby, seasonal events like these will continue springing up in games. Fans of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp ought to make a point to not miss the event, as any prizes are probably going to be restricted to the event for a long time to come. It will be intriguing to check whether Pocket Camp introduces all the more new seasonal themed events over the natural course of time.