Pokemon Fan Recreates Kanto Region's Route 3 With LEGO Bricks

The Pokemon fanbase seems to be excited about saving its soft spot for the 1st generation of Pokemon computer games perfectly healthy. Besides the fact that the local area keeps making fan art of Gen 1 Pokemon, especially the Kanto region starters, yet they seem to also appreciate making content about the iconic areas of the location itself. Continuing their task of reproducing the Kanto region out of LEGO bricks, a Pokemon fan gives an update that they have already finished up to Route 3.

Those who have been following the artist on Reddit realize that they have already finished Route 1 and Route 2 of their Kanto region LEGO project. Normally, the following phase of the recreation will be Route 3. Most Pokemon computer game players will review that Route 3 connects Kanto Region's Pewter City to two distinct areas, Route 4 and Mt. Moon. Since the artist has finished Route 3, fans will probably anticipate that they should share updates on their LEGO recreation of Route 4 or Mt. Moon.

In their post committed to their Route 3 recreation, Redditor Buscags1 shared several photos of the area from various angles and perspectives. Fans will also reasonable appreciate that they connected Route 3 to different areas that they imitated, starting from Kanto Region's Pallet Town. Players who are fond of the first Pokemon Red and Blue computer games will presumably help flashbacks of their first process through the area, logical reminiscing starting from Pallet Town then going through Route 1 and Viridian City, and onwards.








The artist shared that this is already the sixth part of their LEGO recreation venture, and it looks like they fully plan to duplicate the entire Pokemon Kanto region. Comments on the Reddit string were brimming with compliments for the artist's work, with some saying they are exceptionally invested in the series. Others asked how Buscags1 plans to make and display the recreation, yet the artist shared that this entire task is a computerized recreation which will only take up some PC memory and space.

The Pokemon Kanto region is vast and has numerous iconic locations that Buscags1 is logical hoping to remember for their LEGO project. With so numerous in the Pokemon people group already invested in what they have made so far, the artist might be inspired to continue to chip away at their advanced pieces. Ideally they will actually want to share more updates of their LEGO project soon.