Is Qatar Airways strict with baggage size?

Being the #1 airline in the world and a flag carrier of Qatar, passengers who wish to Book Qatar airways flights are obliged to follow all the rules and regulations of flying that they possess. Let it be related to travel safety, booking policies, or even the baggage that you can carry – all policies should be considered and taken care of for a hassle-free and peaceful travel experience.

When it comes to baggage allowance, the airline generally has a very relaxed limit for it as far as the weight limit is concerned. The airline allows three types of baggage to be carried free of cost;

1. Carry-on baggage.

2. Checked-in baggage.

3. Handbags.

Though the limitation for all these types of luggage differs depending upon your travel class as well as the type of ticket purchased; the fundamental rules are the same.

The weight limit for carry-on baggage is lesser than the one for checked-in baggage because of obvious reasons. On the other hand, the handbag you can carry consisting of your personal items has no such restrictions. However, needless to say, it should be appropriately sized.

Here’s everything you need to know about the baggage size allowance with Qatar Airways.

Carry-On Baggage.

• Carry-on baggage is also known as ‘hand luggage’ because it is the one that you are allowed to carry inside the flight cabin and have access to it throughout the course of your flight. It is usually stored in the specific compartments above your seats.

• Every passenger of economy class is allowed to bring one carry-on bag as well as one personal item onboard. However, travelers of business class and first-class travelers are allowed one additional bag of carry-on baggage as well.

• Maximum dimensions of your carry-on baggage (regardless of your cabin class) must not exceed the limit of (50 x 37 x 25) cm (or 20 x 15 x 10) in. Also, the maximum weight allowed is 7 kg (or 15 lb) per bag for your hand luggage.

• Though it is a standardized allowance for the passengers traveling with Qatar Airways, it's advised to confirm the baggage size and limit for your route from the airline before your flight departure.

Personal items.

In addition to the above-mentioned carry-on baggage, passengers of Qatar Airways are also allowed a bag consisting of personal items to be carried along without any extra fee. These personal items may include;

1. Purse.

2. Briefcase.

3. Laptop bag.

4. Umbrella.

5. Books.

6. Overcoat/Jacket.

7. Infant supplies bag, etc.

Checked Baggage:

• Checked baggage is the one that you give to the airline at the time of boarding and it is stored inside the specific storage cabin of the aircraft (usually outside of the travel cabin). It is not accessible by the passenger until and unless the aircraft has landed at the arrival destination and the baggage is given back to every individual traveler.

• For most of the flight routes of Qatar Airways; passengers of economy class, first class as well as the business class can carry a different amount (weight) of their checked baggage. However, the sum of the total dimensions of every bag must not be more than 158 cm (or 62 in) for (length + width + height).

So, when inquiring about Qatar airways ticket price for your desired travel route, confirm the baggage allowance and size limit on your ticket as well.