Lesson Four

Nouns and Pronouns

Examples of nouns:

1. That man is an actor.

2. That country is beautiful.

3. I use pliers to fix things.

4. Everyone needs love.

5. I have an idea! Let's go see a movie!


Nouns are divided into two main groups:

Count Nouns And Non-count Nouns 

Asking questions for an amount or a number:

Only count nouns can take a number:

There is one camera. There are four cameras.

Noncount nouns don't use numbers:

There is some equipment. There is a lot of equipment.

Knowing the difference between count and noncount nouns will make your English sound much better. Below are words and phrases that can be used with count and noncount nouns.

I am a teacher.

Noun: teacher

Pronoun: I

You are a student.

Noun: student

Pronoun: You

He is a guitar player

Noun: player

Pronoun: He

She is a mother.

Noun: mother.

Pronoun: she

It is a radio.

Noun: radio

Pronoun: It

We are people.

Noun: people

Pronoun: We

(I + You) = We

 You are students.

Noun: Students

Pronoun: You

Note: "You" can be singular or plural

They are a family.

Noun: family

Pronoun: They

"They" is always plural.

It can be used for people or things.


They are wooden chairs.

Noun: chairs

Pronoun: They

"They" is a plural pronoun for the chairs.