If life hands you colors,

run with it!

Al Sahil on the South Khobar Corniche was just the perfect place to hold the event. It is a lovely area that has become a favorite spot of joggers and those who simply just want to spend time walking around, breath fresh air and enjoy the view of the sea.

Since this event is being launched for the first time in Saudi Arabia, my friends and I were really anticipating joining. We arrived early at Khobar Corniche in our Abayas and observed first if there were strong restrictions being implemented on female clothing or wearing just color runner long sleeve shirts and running pants is acceptable.

Honestly, I can’t conceal my jubilation just at the sight of having the white color run shirts replacing the usual black clothing all females wear outdoors :-)

Color Runners of different nationalities joined the event. Warm-up started at about 7:20 am. The upbeat feel-good music sets the perky mood and cheered everyone up. The drones were obviously exciting addition to the event. Selfies, groupies are non-stop!

We headed for the start chute at 8:15 am. Freebies were given away as the events hosts entertains the color runners at the start chute. The countdown began and we departed in waves at 8:30 am.

The color run is non-competitive, it is untimed so participants can run, jog or walk.

Excitement builds up as participants prepare to be doused with colored powder.