Dog Supplements: Are They Important

Supplements for dogs are not necessary for every one of them. It will depend on several factors, but if their usual feed is adapted to their size, age, and daily activity level. They will not need extra vitamins in their diet since good quality food will meet their nutritional needs and keep them healthy, strong, and happy.

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If your pet has an illness or their daily diet is homemade and not well balanced, it will be necessary to give them a supplement with specific vitamins. At Yumove, we find different nutritional supplements for dogs so that we can choose the required vitamins that best adapt and cover their deficiencies. Fortifying and restorative vitamin supplements, anti-inflammatories, and multivitamins provide a high dose of energy and stimulate its defenses, vitamins for brain aging, and prevent eye spots for pregnant and lactating females. They all contribute to your pet having optimal health and staying in shape every day. Check out the store online and shop via the Yumove discount code.

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Types of nutritional supplements for dogs to buy


The correct administration of vitamins helps dogs grow healthy and strong. The veterinarian is responsible for informing you about your pet's deficiencies and about the specific vitamins that he needs. There are a variety of nutritional supplements on the market, depending on what deficiencies need to be covered and the dog's breed. Meanwhile, you can check out the Amazon store for all kinds of pet supplies at a discount via Amazon Discount Code UK. 

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Within the different types of nutritional supplements for dogs, we consider the following vitamins essential in their diet for healthy and energetic development:

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·       Vitamin A: it is very important for sight, for the optimal growth of puppies, and for the health of the skin and hair.

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·       Vitamin D: Together with calcium and phosphorus, it promotes bone health.

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·       Vitamin E: It acts as a natural antioxidant, very important for the formation of cell membranes since it helps the body to make red blood cells.

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·       Vitamin K: Promotes blood coagulation and the formation of protective crusts.

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·       Vitamin B2: It is essential for growth, the maintenance of good muscles, and the coat's health.

·       Vitamin B5: From carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, it helps obtain energy.

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·       Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 and omega 6, and its consumption provides multiple benefits: it protects the heart, favors a strong and shiny coat, and healthy skin.

·       B vitamins of the water-soluble group help form bones, teeth, and connective tissues.

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All these vitamins, along with others, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients, must be found in your pet's daily diet. If the feed you usually offer is quality, it will have all these components among its analytical constituents. Make sure this is the case by reading the label on the container. If instead, you give a homemade meal, it must be complete and balanced. Sometimes, it isn't easy to know if the selection of ingredients will provide all the nutrients and vitamins needed for optimal development. That is why it is important to go to the veterinarian from time to time and have him diagnose if it has any vitamin deficiency and which one. In that case, you can include a supplement to his daily diet and, in this way, ensure that he grows and develops in the best conditions, with all the energy necessary to enjoy each day.

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Why are dog supplements important?

What kind of vitamins does your dog take? Is his food homemade, or do you offer quality feed? Vitamins, substances present in the body of dogs and food, are necessary for them to grow and develop properly. They are responsible for regulating the animal's bodily functions (heart, kidney, liver, skin). If your dog needs extra energy, you should add a vitamin supplement to its daily diet to cover its deficiencies. Vitamins complement an unbalanced diet, as can happen when taking a diet made at home.

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Supplements for dogs are essential for those who are sick to combat a specific pathology (whether due to anemia, to fight symptoms associated with old age, nervous conditions, etc.). In these cases, you should go to the vet. He is the specialist who will best tell you what specific vitamins your pet needs since an excess of vitamins can be just as harmful as a lack of them. Do not forget the Yumove discount code.

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