Roller bearings for railroads

Generally, railroad bearings will be of the roller bearing type. They are most common in the following areas on any type of train vehicle:

- gearbox;

- traction motor;

- wheels;

- axle suspension.

High performance is a key factor when it comes to bearings made for railway use. Bearings also make an important contribution to the low noise, vibration and disturbance demanded by modern day railroad vehicles. However, bearings must undergo rigorous design and testing in order to meet stringent transportation standards. At the end of the day, safety is just as important, if not more so, than smooth running. Whether a train is high speed, regional, freight, metro, ‘intercity’ or a tram, stringent safety checks establish the suitability of every single bearing before it is placed within a gearbox, motor, suspension system, etc. International standards may vary from country to country but they are very much on a par.