You’ve never liked your eyes

But they shine green and gold

You’ve never liked your shape

Because you never fit into the mold

You’re a vision in the morning

The sun rises to your smile

Your laugh is pure happiness

You’re the lily of the Nile

The quiet space you keep to yourself

Is where you glow the brightest

Those rainy afternoon teas

And how you sit when you’re writing

Your fascination with the stars

And things yet to be explored

Hidden forests and mountain tops

Dark depths of the ocean floor 

Your mind is always wandering

Your gaze set to sights faraway

Thoughts made of labyrinths

They’re too beautiful to escape

That gentle smile when you’re content

The way you bite into your lips

The ease with which you blush

How your love like honey drips

Wearing your heart for all to see

Your compassion is without bounds

And despite your gentle nature

You have always stood your ground

The days when you're away

I miss you terribly

Life is void of every color

And music loses its melody

I’m sorry for the times

That I have put you down

The cruel words I always whisper

When no one else is around

You deserve the same kindness

You give to everyone else

I’m heartbroken to think

I was the one who gave you welts

I promise I’ll be more careful

After all I’ve put you through

It took us a long time to get here

But I’m starting to fall in love with you.