Sailor, follow me toward the light

Deeper, past the midnight tones

Into the trenches yet to be seen

Feel the icy abyss in your bones

I’ll warm you up with magic

As we near the center of Earth

Wander down the green slopes

Let the sea sway you forth

Float past sprites and serpents

I’ll keep you safe from harm

Let your fingertips touch the light

A million rays take a mysterious form

Stare into a kaleidoscope of blue

Where clouds are just reflections

I want to see your eyes light up

As you ask me perplexing questions

I’ll lay down and make angel wings

As life hits the bottom of the sand

Let’s breathe in salt together

And fill our lungs with wonderland

Let our veins drip out liquid gold

As my core absorbs this rare sunrise

Look at me and tell me what you see

Sailor, does the ocean paint my eyes?