Yellow Brick Road

If my heart had hands

It would draw a kaleidoscope

Of pastel purples and blues

Lemonade clouds and cherry lollipops

A forest path full of note card clues

Each word would lead

To the most beautiful of places

With creatures in watercolor hues

Scenes blending into one another

From vibrant reds to grassy mountain views

Follow hushed whispers

That come alive from rough paper

Into the wild that I’ll lead you through

Close your eyes and open your mind

Abandon paved roads which tend to skew

Tearing up yellow bricks

I put up castles in their place

Away from chaos that others tend to brew

To steer away those wandering eyes

Golden petals on the ground I strew

Within sights I’ve crafted

Myself I’ve poured into each line

Green orbs reflect the morning dew

And melt into chocolate by noon

Crystal river’s flowing, but its you I jump into

Put together my pretty letters

And read them word for word

Over and over, I write this tale anew

Pen to paper, soft taps on keys

My dear, I’ve spelled it out for you