is here!

I have grown bored with having figuratively nothing to do these days, and since i haven’t done any blog posts in a while, I thought of making this one now.

Basically I have been reading on journaling lately and I am very intrigued to start doing it. But i do not want to invest into a proper journal and pen without me knowing I will be committed to it. So in order to try this out and see what my capability to continue with this.


Every challenge needs a time-frame, and the time-frame for this one is 25 days. Why 25 and not 30 or a month? Well 1- because i literally make the rules. 2- because it will be in time for my trip to Turkey.

Aspects of the challenge are as follows:

  • Write at least 5 sentences about my day everyday.

  • Must not skip any day. (if i do skip, i have to make up for it the next day.

  • Can be private or in public. Twitter does not count.

Addition aspects may be added later on.

The aim for this is to prepare myself for when Cortex’s Theme Journal comes back. I want to always have a journal with me where i write thoughts, ideas, cool things that have happened to me, and so on.

For this 25 day challenge i am going to use a Word Document and my laptop to journal. They will all be in one folder stored somewhere and updated daily.

I aspire to be competent enough in Journaling to rock my very own expensive fountain pen and moleskin journal wherever I go. I know i could just use my laptop instead since it is going to be almost always with me, but we will see about that.

For anyone who’s going to take this challenge on with me, BEST OF LUCK, FRIEND. 

Do let me know about your experience.