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Five ways to decide a career path when you are indecisive

Deciding a career option is the most common dilemma of students all around the globe. Out of millions of career options, how can one determine a career that is best for them? Especially when you are indecisive, then the task is inevitably daunting! According to Law Essay Help Online, 80 percent of the college students in the United States change their majors at least once in their academic ventures.

Moreover, the National Center for Education Statistics estimated that university students change their field of interest at least three times on average during their academic year.

Selecting a major, and changing it multiple times can be frustrating and stressful! This is because students don’t usually have the real-life experience of the job market and are also unaware of their interests. Well, this article provides you with five ways that will help your child navigate career path decisions.

1.      Your child is not an extension of you!

Avoid treating your child as an extension of yourself, who is deemed to fulfill your dreams that you failed to accomplish. Your child is a different individual with different interests than you. The things that might interest you the most might be the things your child absolutely hates doing.

So, avoid enforcing your interests in them. Value and listen to what subjects interest them and what they love doing the most! Don’t resist your child from perusing a career path just because it’s something that you consider wrong. Your child might not be willing to learn mathematics or doing the same job as you do.

2.      Assist your child in discovering their interests

It’s better to recommend your indecisive child to visit a career counselor. Encourage them to take various assessment tests to analyze their innate strengths for certain subjects. Sometimes, your child opts for a career that doesn’t appear to line up with their natural strengths but avoids ruling out that option as a career.

So, instead, sit with your child and analyze how they can bring their innate strengths in that particular field. Their unconventional perspective and strengths could enable them to bring unique and valuable contributions in that field of interest. 

3.      Encourage your child for different Internships

Your child is not going to completely know what type of work or atmosphere suits them until they get to experience them. It’s better to encourage them in signing for at least two internships during studies so that they can have a better idea about the professional environment. The first-hand experience from these internships will help them decide their actual preference. Nevertheless, be flexible and let them know that there is always more than one route to reach any destination.

4.      Identify a career that aligns with their skills

To best decide a career path, one has to reflect on the academic experiences, including the performance in classes, internships, part-time jobs, community services and contributions to student’s societies and organizations. This will help them to identify themes of skills development within their selves. With the help of those skills focus on seeking opportunities that align with those skills and experiences.

5.      Ask your child “What are you good at, and what do you love?”

You must have heard this line “Follow your passion”, but some of the people don’t have a clear passion, and they fear that they are not going on the right path if they don’t have one burning career goal to pursue. If your child already has one, then that must be something vague and out of reach, like becoming the next Bill Gates.

Even if your child wants to become the next Bill Gates, then break that passion into technology or even business. Then analyze inventory skills to determine what new idea your child can bring to the table. But it all goes to the same task, value your child’s willingness and listens to what your child really wants in their life!