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Importance of Group Work

Group work should be inculcated in every classroom along with other methods of learning. It appears that group work takes more time to complete a course but a well-managed group work may not only take

Dennis Kempuk

The Secret of Choosing the Right Career Revealed!

By keeping these factors into check, you can select the right profession for yourself. Therefore, save yourself from the probability of choosing something menial and then later regretting it.

Kevin Johnson

3 Ways an ACD System Shortens Call Time and Increases Agent

No matter what business you’re in, having a call center boosts your productivity and improves your overall customer service. Call center software and hardware has greatly improved over the years,...

Harris Johnston

Respite Care Wolverhampton

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Respite Care Wolverhampton

DxMinds - Top Mobile App Development Company

DxMinds is one of the leading mobile app development company provides best mobile apps for both android and iOS platforms

DxMinds Innovation

Fourth week

Every week I learn more and more ! and so far am loving this week we had a meeting with a new client, how to prepper for him and how to convince the client that this is the right place for him and muc

Shahad Khaled

Smart Locker


Smart Locker - Enterprises

For Enterprises Take care of your employees’ uniforms in a more efficient and affordable way. Smart Locker isn’t just for personal laundry and dry cleaning. We service numerous restaurants, spas,...


8 Corporate Style Outfits

The corporate scene has changed a lot nowadays, there is no strict rule for outfits. That’s why I picked 8 modern uniforms for the businessman or businesswoman....

Layla Brook

Social media adv post

Abdullah Alsaedi

retail industry

You have been so long in the business world and in the third largest sector of our country. The retail sector is constantly changing and you are managing your business in a traditional way with a...

omar mohammed

Design Sprint .. in brief

compress months of time into a single week. !!

أبو فهد

Corporate Innovation Challenges

Corporate InnovationWhat is the biggest barrier to corporate innovation you’ve encountered and how did or are you overcoming it? The largest challenge I have met is fitting the new world into the...

Antonio Tinto

Content Marketing For Service Vs Retail Businesses

I wanted to start sharing my journey in not only making a success as a freelancer but now as of 4 months ago have ventured in to the world of retail too. My freelance business is as a sound...

Matt Price

Ignore Technical Debt and Focus on the Hedge Instead

In my previous writing you may have read about my views on the concept of Technical Debt. I think its too simplistic a concept that is used inappropriately and too often by my fellow software...

Ahmad Baitalmal

Yazan Alterkawi

Brand Identity Developer With more than six years experiences in the field of branding and identity designing. Done a number of training courses. Has worked in Nasa In Arabic. Founder of GlowGo...

Yazan Alterkawi
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